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Updated: Sep 8, 2020


Well, if your reading this then I guess I finally decided to put my thoughts out into the world! This is new to me and something I am totally not used to. I've always written my feelings down, hid them in a secret folder in another secret folder on my computer. Never showing anyone. I am beyond excited to be sharing this with all of you!

To start, my name is Danielle and I absolutely love life. I think life is such an amazing journey and sometimes we can get caught up in little things and forget about how amazing our lives are. There are so many highs and lows in life and not everything will always be perfect. Not everyone you want to stay in your life will. Amazing things never last forever. That’s what makes them so special. Sometimes, we tend to look at the low side of a situation. The bad part of the negative thing. Well I’m here telling you there is always a bright side. No matter how deep its hiding, there is a bright side. A silver lining. A glass half FULL instead of empty. We just have to look for it.

I’ll be sharing stories, ideas and just my thoughts on here. I love writing and I love life. I love looking at all the crazy twists and turns and seeing how they’ve changed me. How all the negative has changed my point of view to be more positive. I cannot wait to start this journey with all of you!

I am only in 9th grade, but that doesn't stop me from getting a blog up and running by myself. Learning this will help me in so many ways. Getting to share my ideas and stories while also figuring out this blog I get to share with you will be a rollercoaster. I'm sorry in advance for the inevitable errors in the posts, I promise I am trying and learning.

I have so much to share with all of you and starting this might be one of the biggest highlights of my life so far. I have typed out countless pages of ideas and thoughts on my phone, computer, paper and even napkins when there is nothing else. So, let’s start this high together!

As one of my biggest inspirations for this blog once said, “Welcome to another blog that nobody really asked for, but here it is anyways.”

With love,


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Dec 06, 2019

so amazing danielle! i love you!!!


Dec 06, 2019

this is amazing! love you!


Dec 06, 2019

Love this Danielle! You’re a bright star!

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