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Learn to Live with the Unexpected

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Writing is something I have always loved doing. Whenever I felt low or lost, I went directly to a new document on my computer or paper of even the notes app on my phone. When I get sudden thoughts that I think are valuable, I like to wright them down. I have never done anything with these writings because I have never had an outlet to show them on. I have never sent them to friends or showed them to family because it has always seemed like something that was more private. I have tons writings and ideas from the past, but starting this blog also means I’m starting new. This is a clean slate and I can write about whatever I want.

So, as I mentioned before, my favorite topic will always be life. There is so much to talk about when it comes to the beginning of life, middle years, struggles in teens, young adult years and eventually death. I believe that it takes a real trauma to really begin to appreciate life and all this world has to offer. Whether is completely life changing or just a sudden, shocking change in plans, it changes us. We tend to grow up thinking we will always have tomorrow. There will always be next time or next month or next year. Now, in the world we live in, there might not be a tomorrow. There may not be a next month or a next year. I don’t know about all of you, but that is surely something that motivates me and hits a certain spot.

When we start growing up and understanding the concept of life, we learn that we are born, and we grow up and live a full life up to 90 or 100 years old. Death is not something we ever think about because we never expect it to come. But the truth is, it is inevitable. Nobody is immortal and eventually we all pass away. We grow up to become older and see posts saying phrases like ‘YOLO’, ‘live your lie to the fullest’ and ‘you only have one life, so live it the way YOU want’. While all of these are certainly true, we read them, and we decide to live on the edge. But eventually, we fall back into habits of taking our lives for granted. We don’t always see that we only get one life.

We get caught up in the negative. Stuck at the bottom without a clue of how to get back up. We start seeing situations as a glass half empty instead of a glass half full. We can tend to forget that this experience, this low is only temporary. I saw a quote once that said, “We have to remember that everything in life is temporary. The bad is always temporary and the good is always temporary”. So, while it is good that the bad is always temporary, we must remember that so is the good.

So many people compare life to something like a road or a path but one thing I always compare life to is a wet field. Yes, you heard me. A wet, gross, dirty field. Now why on earth would I compare this beautiful life to a gross muddy field? Well because a wet field is muddy and messy and can fall into any shape. Sometimes you slip and sometimes you’re walking straight. Sometimes you fall in and learn to get back up. This comparison hit me one day at summer camp. It was a rainy day and I was walking across the rec field at camp. The field was muddy and wet, and the next step was always unpredictable. On the way to the destination, I fell into multiple holes of mud, but I got back up. Yes, I was covered in mud, but I got back up. At one point I slipped and fell but stood back up. Sometimes I stepped in wet mud and my shoes got even grosser than they already were. But I couldn’t do anything about it. every step was unpredictable. And that’s just like life.

Every day is unpredictable. Anything can happen and we can’t control it. but something we can control; is how we look at each day. So maybe you have a bad morning. Are you going to let that bad morning ruin your day and make it a bad day? That’s for you to decide, but I think the answer should always be no. When I have a bad morning or my friends tell me about their bad mornings, I tell them to think of this upcoming week. Think about the weekend or think about something that’s coming up that your excited for. Forget about the negative thing that happened this morning. There is absolutely no reason one bad thing that happened in the morning should ruin your whole day. Look at everyday like it could be your last. Would you want to spend your last day on earth being mad about how your mom yelled at you about cleaning your dishes? Would you want your last day being spent giving everyone the silent treatment because you are mad? Probably not.

Every day is unpredictable and there is nothing we can do to change that. How you look at each day IS something you can change. And, it’s not always that hard. Sometimes when I have a bad morning, I get to school and see my friends and that’s all it takes for my whole day to turn around.

So, on this cloudy, rainy Tuesday, think about how you day/week/month has been. If it hasn’t been great, change it now! Think about this coming week and get excited about anything. Even something as small as getting to sleep in or having no tests/quizzes or homework due tomorrow. You have the ability to change your day right now. So if it’s not going exactly too well, change it. I wish you all good luck making this week the very best it can be;) .

With love,


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