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Chasing Rainbows Through The Clouds of Covid

At first glance, the world isn’t the brightest place right now. We are in a global pandemic that is not getting much better. There is a lot of political aggression, and there is some serious racial tension in our country. School has started virtually, and nobody is sure if we are going back in person or not. There are a lot of things that feel uncomfortable right now. 

Now more than ever, I find myself thinking about all the people I miss, the places I miss, and the everyday activities I miss. Just a few months ago, seeing friends and going places was all so typical. Now, those simple things feel kind of impossible. 

I miss going out to lunch in restaurants. I miss seeing friends on weeknights just to talk about life. I miss going to the gym. I miss camp. I miss my camp friends. I miss going to school, and I miss seeing my school friends. There is A LOT I miss, and sometimes I get caught up in all that. 

But in those moments when I get caught up thinking about the things I miss, I try to remind myself that it is okay to feel those things, but that it’s also important to remember that there is so much to be thankful for, right here where I am, even in the middle of a pandemic. I am here. I am healthy. I am happy, I have my family (and, of course, my dog!), and I have a whole life ahead of me! 

Sometimes I miss people and places. I look back at my pictures and I remind myself that I will see them again. The world is not ending. I will see those people again, and I will go to those places again. 

That leads me on a little tangent...since I'm on the topic of pictures, do you know that one of  my favorite things in the whole world is THE SKY?!! And talking about pictures reminds me of the sky because every time I see a beautiful sky, I take a picture.

People who really know me know that I say I will forever be chasing the sun and the sky. It brings me so much joy, and when you find something that brings you that much comfort, you should hold on tight to it. So I will forever hold on to the sky, as tight as I can.

If I could watch the sky all day, every day, I would. I love the warmth of the bright yellow sun in the middle of a fall day, I love watching a pink and orange sunrise, and I love chasing down a fiery bright sunset. Then there are the beautiful, billowy white and gray clouds drifting against a beautiful blue sky, and occasionally, we’re lucky enough to see the shimmer of a rainbow peeking through the sun and the clouds. No matter the time of day or the color, I’m obsessed with the sky.

So, when I feel overwhelmed or sad about the world we are living in, I go to the sky. I watch the moving clouds move,and I remind myself to keep going. Why? Because as easy as it is to feel down, as long as I keep moving forward like the sky, I will see all of my people again. The world keeps going. It’s changing, and we are changing with it. 

Sometimes, keeping the faith is as simple as opening the photos app on your phone. It gives me a chance to look at those people I miss and a chance to remember so many special moments I shared with them. Sometimes looking at a picture of that really beautiful sunset just makes me feel better. 

Other times, I need more than a picture. I need an experience, so I go outside and look at the sky. And sometimes I need an interaction, so I text one of those very special people who I miss to say I miss you and I love you. I might even attach a picture of a beautiful sunset. :)

Our world is a REALLY crazy place right now. Sometimes it’s just too much for me to process. Thinking about everything going on all around the world is overwhelming, and then thinking about how it affects my own life just adds to that overwhelming feeling. Sometimes I feel so small. There are so many things I want to do for the world or even just my community, but it seems so hard to navigate everything. 

Then all the sudden, those people or places pop up in my head and a wave absence hits me. I miss seeing those people, and I miss waking up at that place where we spent time together. But then I look back at those pictures, and I look up at the sky, and I know it’s okay. And it’s okay to miss them a lot too. They play a big role in my life and it's completely fair and normal to miss all of it.

The moral to the story? It’s an absolutely crazy world we’re living in right now. If you feel overwhelmed at times like I do, find something you can run back to. It could be a picture, or something as simple as the sky. It could be your dog, it could be your cat, or it could be the butterflies and fireflies you see in your backyard. It could be a favorite television show or movie, it could be a warm chocolate chip cookie, or it could be the experience of making those cookies with someone special. It could be a hug from your mom or your dad. It all depends on you, and what gives you comfort.

Whatever that thing is for you, find that piece of comfort, and hold on to it.

With love,


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